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  • Lady looking at laptop for nearest doctor in her area
  • Mediseek website design on iPhone, iPad and iMac
  • Closeup shot of iPad with Mentone Medical Clinic details and address
  • Mediseek Application

    SEMPHN needed a way of reducing unnecessary hospital emergency room visits and to give users a way to quickly and easily find their closest doctor, pharmacy or hospital according to their location; that are open ‘right now’.

    Our solution was to create a location-based app that automatically detects the location of the user and provides details on their closest facility and urgency. The brilliance of this app is that it calculates the time the facility closes and the time that it takes to get to the facility in order to display the most accurate results personalised for the user. Not to mention, it accommodates compatibility across multiple devices like mobile, tablet and desktop environments.

    Project Scope: App Design, Digital Media, Website Design.

  • Blurred medical centre waiting room
  • Website design for Mediseek on iOS iPhone devices