Night & Day

  • A cohesive, strategic design for Badminton in Australia.

    Our rebranding process began with developing a logo that depicted the most iconic emblem of Badminton – the shuttlecock. Its energetic, bold and simple form was developed to appeal to a broad audience from local clubs, Olympic athletes, corporate partners and new participants. 

    Night & Day created a brand system that linked Badminton Australia with all State and Territory Associations creating a strong, consistent and flexible brand utilised across the entire sport in Australia with an individual palette that expanded into traditional State and Territory colours.

    An identity for the National Team brand, the Australian Falcons, was also developed with a logo that signified the speed, pride and agility of the iconic Australian Peregrine Falcon. A comprehensive brand guide and templates were developed to ensure Badminton Australia’s vision and message is conveyed in all touchpoints.

    The new Badminton Australia brand has enhanced the sports recognition amongst Australians, aligned State and Territory organisations and has secured more opportunities for commercial partnerships.

    Project Scope: Art Direction, Brand Design, Digital Media, Logo Design, Social Media, Website Design.