Night & Day

  • Australian Taekwondo rebrand strategy

    Our process for Australian Taekwondo began with the creation of a brand that reflected the energy and welcomeness of the sport of Taekwondo in Australia. The new brand needed to be approachable, communicate inclusivity and resonate with not only participants but also parents/guardians, athletes, instructors, club owners and officials. 

    Throughout the creative process Night & Day surveyed participants and conducted interviews with various clubs ensuring that the new brand would resonate with its target audience.

    In order to resonate with a youthful, digital audience the Australian Taekwondo identity was divided into corporate and public facings with the acronym for Taekwondo used that places it in the company of other popular martial arts.

    Project Scope: Annual Report, Art Direction, Brand Design, Logo Design, Social Media, Video Production, Website Design.