Night & Day

  • Apple cider bottle label design
  • Beautiful apple orchard for Jazz Apples
  • Montague Cider House Packaging

    Montague challenged us to design the new Montague Jazz Apple Cider. We were provided with the Montague Cider House logo and needed to develop a style for the packaging. We created all labels for the bottle as well as packaging for a 4-pack and a 24-pack. As our first step we researched other ciders in the market to see what was successful and unsuccessful and what stood out on shelf. We wanted to make the design look premium yet have the “family” feel that Montague represents throughout all its brands. We decided to highlight the popular “Jazz Apple” branding on the neck sticker and the Montague Cider House logo and branding on the main label.

    Project Scope: Packaging.

  • Closeup shot of design for apple cider bottle label
  • 24 pack case design of apple cider for Montague
  • Blurred photo of apple cider 4 pack bottles